Thank you for your interest in my paintings.

A lot of people are asking me to buy my work in the form of NFT in these days.
If you look at my Instagram, there are a few comments asking for NFT transactions for each post and I’m getting a lot more DMs every day than that. Unfortunately, however, most of them were fraudsters of the following methods.

  • They insist on trading through suspicious NFT trading sites that demand excessive minting fees, and if the writer mints at a cost, they disappear or don’t trade on the wrong excuse.
  • Even if they accept transactions on a trusted site such as, they say they got an error trying to buy and lead them to fraudulent sites via fake emails, links.
  • Or request addtional payment for ‘Business paypal account’

They will continue to try various ‘creative’ methods, but unfortunately for you, anyone can see your methods from googling, so I advise you to work honestly and support your family without thinking about deceiving innocent artists.

For myself and serious buyers, I will only deal with those who followed the following procedure.

Final words to scammers

If I tell you about these terms and conditions, but you keep saying other terms, I will block your ID and report it to Instagram. Be careful not to suspend your carefully created account. Even if you are a fraud, isn’t your time and money precious? If you want to avoid disadvantages, just look for other victims.

NFT deal procedure for serious buyers

If you are a serious buyer, I apologize for the above hostile remark. Please understand that more than 99% of NFT transaction requester were fraudsters.

Even if you are a serious buyer, if you do not agree to the terms of the conditions below, I respectfully decline the deal. When you keep saying other terms, I will block your ID and report it to Instagram.

1. Please go to the site below and select the artwork you want to purchase.

Some of the latest works may not be registered yet, so I’ll upload them if you request them.

2. Please purchase the ‘Media License’ of the work as shown in the image below.

This is not the total price of the work, but the deposit you pay before you hand over the ownership of the work in NFT form.

The price of the work is the same as the price listed on, and the amount paid by ‘Media license’ will be deducted from the NFT work price you will pay later.

I only accept the price that I posted on the site for my work. I would appreciate it if you offered me a higher price, but I won’t. This is enough for me.

3. After purchasing a media license, DM me and I’ll mint your work to the NFT site you want.

However, the cost of minting cannot exceed the cost of the media license you purchased.

The NFT price will be the price excluding the Media license fee from the Artmajeur listing price.

I’m so sorry to bother you if you’re a serious buyer. There were so many crooks that I had to come up with this procedure, please understand this.